Roxy Computers services

icon1Computer Repairs:

Roxy Computer provides prompt, efficient and professional repairs for PC computers. Both MAC and windows operating systems. Call us or enquire now.

icon2Virus Removal:

Roxy Computer are experts at performing virus removal for both Windows and Mac based computer systems. If your system is infected, give us a call today.

icon3Data Recovery & Backup:

Roxy Computer will perform Data recovery from a Computer / Laptop / Mac / Sd Card / MMC / Micro / Mini SD Card Restore the data to a storage device

icon1Internet Security and Firewalls:

Are you concerned about your safety and privacy when using the Internet? Worried about using online banking or buying goods online?

icon3Speed up my Computer:

Is your desktop or laptop running slow and you're tired of waiting for it? We can help you now with a system speed boost! We'll configure programs upgrade hardware, defrag and optimise as required.

icon2Laptop Screen Replacement:

A broken laptop screen doesn’t always mean it’s time to buy a new laptop, although it may seem like it. Broken laptop screen repairs are actually one of the most common services done at Roxy Computers.

Over the years we have refined the laptop screen repairing & replacement process, so the repairs are done faster & at lowest price possible. All of our laptop screen repairs are backed by a12 months replacement warranty.

We offer laptop screen repairs and replacements for all brands including Dell, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Gateway, Acer, ASUS, and others.

We can fix:

  • Black laptop screens
  • Dim laptop screens
  • Flickering laptop screens
  • Lines on laptop screen
  • Cracked laptop screens
  • "Ink" spots on laptop screen

Once it is in our care, we will do a full diagnostic of your laptop to determine whether your display issues are caused by a defective LCD screen, inverter or motherboard. This will allow us to make the right repairs.

Every notebook or laptop that comes through our store for a screen repair is handled with the utmost care & fixed in a timely fashion so you can start using it again ASAP.