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Roxy Computers provide computer repair services Laptop repair, PC repair and notebook repairs in Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn.

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To make sure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations and developing long term relationships.

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To make your computer and IT problems a thing of the past.

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Living in Melbourne in today’s economy, chances are you work long hours and when you get home all you want to do is kick back and surf the internet, work on some applications, chat or play games. So when the computer won't start; shuts down automatically, computer boot problems, your computer shows the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death", you suspect you have a virus or spyware and need virus removal, or when your computer is very slow; what are you going to do?

By now you would have experienced computer repair services with high charges you weren&t really expecting. some of you may have even asked what it would cost to have your computer repaired,upfront but most likely the responses would have been ‘we wouldnt know how long the repair may take, our hourly rate is ...," perhaps then ended up paying hundreds of dollars..

Well we have set a new industry standard. Based on our 25 years of experience, by now, we know approximately how long a job may take and therefore capped our price to $95.- yes, you read it correct. $95 cap is a new concept in computer repairs to keep the "bustards honest". Should your computer require a part replacement, we then give you two options. First is you may purchase the required component from another source and we will be more than happy to install the component and still stick to our capped $95 charge. Second option is we can provide you with the required part by quoting you the cost in advance therefore you would be paying us our $95.- plus part costs.

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Laptop Screen Replacement

A broken laptop screen doesn’t always mean it’s time to buy a new laptop, although it may seem like it. Broken laptop screen repairs are actually one of the most common services done at Roxy Computers. Over the years we have refined the laptop screen repairing & replacement process, so the repairs are done faster & at lowest price possible. All of our laptop screen repairs are backed by a12 months replacement warranty.